Monday, July 11, 2011

Adrien: Um, Yeah, It's Work-Appropriate.

(New stuff being added to the shop today! Check it out.)

Like, whoa. I love this dress but it's a bit much for work just by itself.

My solution?


dress: Ann Taylor (similar pattern, similar shape)
cardigan: Talbots 
belt: no idea (similar)
wedge sandals: Ciao Bella (similar)
bag: Coach (similar)


  1. Meow! Yeah that's a curve hugging dress! You totally made it work appropriate though!

  2. Love what you did here....I worked in fashion for the longest time, Nicole Miller to be precise...and I would ALWAYS throw cardi's over her dresses to make them more "day" rather then evening-
    it is a great dress...shame to cover looks FABULOUS on you!
    First time stopping in...loved your two bio's...can relate to both of you beautiful ladies.
    Following along...

  3. smokin'! now if only there was some way to reverse engineer a cardigan to be sexy...I often feel a wee bit frumpy in 'em...

  4. Really? I love a cardigan (obviously) but my office is also aggressively air-conditioned.

  5. Mamacita! ;) I love this ensemble in its entirety. The print on this dress is flippin' A. Nice job, ladyfriend.

  6. See, I'm not comfortable with sandals at work, but this totally works and looks professional. Now, I have something to bounce off of. Cool, and great blog, just found today.